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  • Stephanie Morgan

The Steampunk Capital of the World

Located in the Waitaki District, New Zealand South Island, Oamaru looks different from any other town in New Zealand and is probably one of the quirkiest town I have ever visited!

I got there early in the morning and was delighted to find out that the Victorian Fete, which is a tradition every year, was happening all day.

I really felt like I left New Zealand and was transported back in time as I wandered the streets of the Victorian Precinct and as I saw everyone dressed up in their best Victorian attire.

The day was packed with non-stop entertainment: jugglers, street performers, magicians, stilt walkers, live music and competitions of all sorts around every corner.

The beard and moustache competition

The men all primped and preened to persuade the judges that their facial hair is the most magnificent.

The "World Stone Sawing Championship"

The "World Stone Sawing Championship" fiercely contested by women sawing through slabs of the limestone that was used to create the magnificent buildings lining the street.

Street Dancers

Steampunk HQ

Also located in Oamaru's Victorian Precinct, is the Steampunk HQ.

It was founded in 2011 by a group of creative minds who were passionate about Steampunk.

Steampunk is about all the things that are “steam-powered”, just like in the Victorian age, but with a futuristic twist.

Steampunk HQ is an interactive museum which brings visitors to explore and discover some amazing art and inventions.

It features a great collection of retro-futuristic sci-fi art, bizarre machinery, sculptures, sounds, projections and movies. A back door leads to a large yard with projects in various stages of being steampunked.

Steampunk HQ also promotes sustainability and recycling.

The Portal

Going into the Portal will get you feel like a time-traveller. It is the gateway to other dimensions, both real and imagined.

Oamaru has by the waterfront an incredible steampunk-themed playground.

A Penny-farthing

Live music

A family watching the street dancers

A really crazy, quirky and unique day to remember!


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