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Situated in the largest conservation area in Africa, the Namib-Naukluft National Park, stands one of Namibia's most spectacular and well-known destination : Sossusvlei.

The word Sossusvlei comes from two languages, Nama and Africaans. In the Nama language sossus means “dead end” and in Africaans vlei means “marsh”.

Sossusvlei is a salt and clay pan surrounded by large red dunes.

However, the entire area is often referred to as Sossusvlei.




Unlike Sossusvlei which gets rain water on rare occasions, Deadvlei is cut off from all water sources and thus is punctuated by blackened dead camel thorn trees on the white clay pan.

Big Daddy

It is the tallest dune in the area with its 325 meters height where from the top you can look down onto Deadvlei and the surrounding dunes.

Dune 45

Situated 45km past the Sesriem entrance gate, hence its name, Dune 45 is 85meters high.

Visitors are allowed to climb this dune which gives them breathtaking panoramic views, especially at sunrise.

Morning golden light on the dunes


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